Monday, July 19, 2010

What men want in women, what women want in men.

Everyone thinks they know the answer to the question, What do men want in a woman? and what do women want in a man?  I can tell who has read their textbook based on what the answers are to this question. 

In reality the top five for men are:  Love, Dependability, Stability and maturity, Good disposition, Looks.  The top five for women are: Love, Dependability, Maturity & Stability, Good disposition, Desire for children and home.

Interesting that these are not the characteristics that you find portrayed within the media (movies and TV) as the preferred characteristics.


  1. "Uncle Duane should live closer so we can all benefit from his wisdom." said Erin the Young Single Adult as she talked to her mom while reading these last two posts. :)

  2. ps. When I was taking my Family Relations class, I sadly did not copy the State of Utah site where couples can take a "test" of sorts to figure out if they are compatible, etc. Do you have knowledge of any sites that to-be-married kids could access and get help/relief/trauma?

    I used RELATE through BYU for one of my assignments for that class and found some interesting info about my relationship with Scott.

    LOVE Y'ALL! Jane

  3. There is a survey called Prepare/Enrich that was developed at the University of Minnesota by David Olson. It has been used in research with over 100,000 couples of all kinds and it has shown to predict with about 90% - 95% accuracy if the couple will still be together after five years (when taken either as an engaged couple or a married couple). It is the primary instrument used in premarital counseling.

    I have a bunch of sample questions I use with my class. It is interesting that out of 100 student asked if they would like to take the survey and find out if they will be with their boyfriend in five years (that they are currently living with or thinking of living with) only about 10 are interested in finding out the answers.

  4. Thanks! I have been watching things happening in my periphery and thinking, "These kids kids ought to have access to one of those surveys".

    Funny how we don't want to know the "truth" about a possible permanent relationship. Maybe kids just want temporary. hmm.

    Good stuff! Love, J