Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bedtimes in summer

I was asked if 10:00 pm is to late for a child to go to bed in the summer.  The child is 6 years old.  The parent said that he doesn't have anything going on the next day and can sleep in as long as he wants so she doesn't see any need to send him to bed, especially because it is still light until about 9:00 and she doesn't like the hassle of getting home herself until she is ready.  On special occasions or if he is not tired then it is common for him to stay up until 11:00 or later.

Children learn the habits of self regulation and time management from their parents.  This child should have a bed time of 8:00 in the school year and 8:30 in the summer except for special occasions.  The child should also be up and moving by 8:00 am regardless of if he has anything to do.  Life is passing this poor boy by, and the outlook is not rosy.  There are adventures to be had and books to be read.  Right now he is heading toward starting school behind where he was at the end of the prior year.

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