Thursday, November 19, 2009

Making memories

A common problem is the bedtime routine for children. Children go through various stages that impact their behavior. When a child gains the understanding that life goes on whether they are involved or not it usually triggers attempts to stay up after bedtime. Parents can help children by having a set routine that includes a final bathroom stop, stories, prayers, tucking in, quiet music in the background and a closed door. Then parents need to make an effort to keep the talking and TV sound level down so that it does not become a distraction as the child is working on sleep. Parents need to be consistent and firm. however also sensitive to children's reactions to nightmares and problem issues they are facing. It is important that parents have a clear understanding of accepted behavior. Children getting up repeatedly is common. If a child can't sleep they need something to quietly occupy their time. Parents also need to check in on their children periodically during the evening.

If a child keeps getting up you need to realize that they came up with their understanding of what they can get away with over a period of time and it is common that it will take a while to get it back into a routine.


  1. My oldest knows not to get out of bed repeatedly, but he still stays awake for a really long time in his bed. We'll think he's asleep and turn off the hall light and he turns right over and says, "Who did that? I'm awake!" I'm talking 1 1/2 to 2 hours after bedtime. Any suggestions to help him get to sleep? We go through a big routine every night, but I'm afraid if I let him read or something in bed he'll stay up even later (he's a lot like his daddy at staying awake). Its started to be a real problem when he started school because he HAS to get up early and he's tired.

  2. You are SO smart! I need to go back in time and start over!!!