Saturday, November 28, 2009

just b-in kids

Someone asked why it was called just "b-in kids." The reason is many fold.

One is that parents of today are so uptight about their children and are over concerned about everything their child does. If our parents were are fearful as many of today's parents are then we would all be in need of more therapy.

Another reason is that I spend a lot of time explaining that what parents are worried about is actually just normal development for that age range.

Another answer is that as adults we need to not lose that sense of wonder about the world. Share those moments with your child.

What are the "family things" that you all agree on or are interested in? In our family it is anything about space, science, most sports, jokes, and the Ten Tenors.


  1. Hmm... The Ten Tenors sounds like it could be a great name for a Woodbury family music group...

    Seriously though, I LOVE your blog. Your insights on children (and the follies of their parents) shine a giant spotlight on the weaknesses I face as a parent.

    Thanks for helping me be a better dad!

  2. Thanks from Jane for letting me add my 2 cents worth now and again. I am SO ON BOARD about being a kid!!! I watched a young father swat a toddler and scold him saying, "Quit acting like a baby!" HELLO!!! He was a baby!!! I laughed. It's that first kid syndrome!

    Love to all , Jane