Saturday, November 28, 2009

Christmas shopping for young children

Every year there is the latest and hottest toy out there that is for sale. Parents want their children to feel special and so they often buy those toys for their child. Then the toy is used and is great for a limited period of time and then the child loses interest. The other thing that happens ins that at Christmas time there are so many toys that either one buried all the rest or the one gets buried by all the rest. What is a parent to do?
1. Buy less
2. Give the gift of doing things together (movie, park, camping, dinner, etc.)
3. Don't for get the want and if you want to get the "hot toy" you can still do that for a birthday or just because it is fun to share those moments.
4. If it is a present that has no real age you might even consider getting it for the two of you (mom and child, dad and child) for no apparent reason.
5. Buy donuts with your child for a Saturday morning. Get up early and bring them along. Also be sure to buy more than you need. When buying donuts you should always get at least two for every person and at least one of every kind that looks interesting.
6. Don't try to teach a lesson to your child by the present you give. Present time is not the time to teach about frugality.
7. If it is something big that the whole family wants then chip in a little extra for each person.
8. Quality costs.
9. Get a few things from each price category.
10. Enjoy both parts of Christmas.

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