Friday, October 22, 2010


I have to start by saying that Halloween is probably my least favorite holiday.  I have nothing against the candy, the dressing up or the visiting neighbors.  Possibly it could be the begging door to door, or that we see high school students doing it.  It also could be that being scared or scaring someone is not my version of fun.  I can think of better things to do. 

When I took over the preschool program where I am at years ago they had a long tradition of dressing the kids in their costumes and going throughout the campus to all of the offices.  The kids could show off their costumes and get candy.  Even 13 years after ending that practice I still have long term employees of the university who say they miss it. 

It is appropriate to ask, "What is the educational value of doing this?"  Back in the day when children and their parents created costumes out of whatever was available in the house it was not such a big deal, but today where most costumes are bought with little to no planning or preparation all of the value of the holiday is lost.  On top of that, should the costume get damaged in any way while at school you then have both an upset child and an upset parent.  Some parents have said that "I just don't understand how much their three year old looks forward to Halloween." 

Really!  Let's see, she was two years old last time Halloween came around and was that memory something she had or reflective of you and the media hype of the holiday. 

I love holidays but they need to be a chance to celebrate and not a chance to buy happiness.  So on Halloween I have be home with my 400 pieces of candy by the door, hoping that only 100 children come by and looking forward to the end of the evening, hoping everyone made it home safely.  Have a great day.


  1. I couldn't agree more! And I'm worried about it this year... will people be trick or treating on Sunday? I guess we'll have to go on a family drive or something...

  2. Here our ward has Trunk or Treat on Friday night, kids will go out on Saturday in the neighborhood and parents will be stuffed by Sunday.

  3. I decided to check out your blog and was totally depressed when I read your negativity towards Halloween. I had no idea that it was you who put the kabosh to kids dressing up in preschool. There was nothing more fun than Halloween when I was a kids, and it is just as exciting for my kids. Even if the costume is purchased, kids still have fun deciding what character they want to be. One of the things my kids enjoy most is handing out the candy and seeing what everyone looks like. Does there have to be educational value to everything? Can't kids just have fun anymore? I don't feel like kids come to my house and beg. We have a whole month of fun for Halloween with our decorated house, selecting of costumes, school parties, and the exciting evening of giving out candy. It's sad to me that people can no longer find fun in all the traditional holidays. People in my small town always asked who you were and seemed genuinely interested in helping you have a fun halloween. Shame on you!

  4. Not everything needs to have an educational purpose, however a curriculum based on holiday's is teaching culture not content or skill. An activity can be done for fun. a weeks worth of activities with "fun" as the purpose would be a waste of time where more meaningful things could be done. Again I am talking about preschoolers.

    Parents who want to spend a month dealing with a holiday can do that at home. Towns and neighborhoods that come together to make the evening a safe and fun family affair is to be applauded. How "in" to a holiday one gets is an individual choice and not an educational choice.