Sunday, October 3, 2010

Guiding Media Choices

Many parents today are concerned about the choices of media that are available to their children.  One father lamented about his 12 year old son, "he has been exposed to so much already and from now on he really won't be listening to what I have to say, so I guess this is what we have from now on."  Meaning he thought that his role as a parent ended when his son hit his teen age years. 

It is true that some things change as children age and the relationship does change.  What does not change is the child's need for a role model that will likely be needed for both this son and also for his peers.  It is likely that other adults in the community are abdicating their responsibility and have similarly given up.  Teen age boys and girls need someone to look to that likes them and is dedicated to helping them reach adulthood.

Worthwhile activities also provide support as long as the leaders are there to help youth take on leadership and growth promoting roles.  These might include scouts, 4-H, church groups, sports, and clubs of interest in the community and through schools.  This age is also a place where service to others is perfectly placed.  They can learn how to work.  It is always easier to work with someone else to provide service that to do that exact same task within your own home.  Doing the service side by side with a parent or other mentor sends a powerful message and shows respect for the youth and for the individual receiving the service.

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