Monday, September 20, 2010

Parenting by choice or by chance

So you are a parent.  What does your parenting entail?  Do you wait for things to happen and then respond or do you seek out opportunities?  Think about it this way.  You are in need of some information.  Your choice is to either go seek the information seek out someone who can help you, or you can wait and hope that the people who know will just happen to sit down next to you and just happen to ask the right question or know what is needed. 

As parents you should be the seeker, the one who builds those connections.  On the other hand we tend to train children out of being seekers and the result is having children who sit next to us and that assume that if new information doesn't pop up it must not be important.

You have the option, be proactive or reactive.  The model you set will be the model your children will follow.

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