Monday, September 20, 2010

Going on walks

Recently I was asked how do you get preteens to talk.  Part of the problem is the level of disruption that interferes with any communication.  What I am finding is that the disruption comes on both the parent and the child side.  Going on walks and leaving the cell phones at home is a great start.  Turning off the TV during meals.  Limit the amount of time by parents and children on the computer.  Do something that the child likes. 

Many years ago a parent said that her children didn't get good grades and that they "couldn't" study.  What I found out was really that there was no culture of sitting down and doing something that was a more sedate activity.  The family activities were all physical outdoor activites and none were things they could do sitting down, playing games, talking with each other.

Turn off the world and go for a walk.  Develop a family culture of doing little things together.  Smile and laugh with each other.

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