Sunday, June 20, 2010

I got to talk about the importance of fathers today so I thought I would share a couple of things.

Fathers- don't wait to be great.

Fathers need to be good home makers.

President James E. Faust: "It is useless to debate which parent is most important. No one would doubt that a mother's influence is paramount with newborns and for the first years of a child's life. The father's influence increases as the child grows older. However, each parent is necessary at various tines in a child's development. Both fathers and mothers do different things for their children. Both are equipped to nurture children, but their approaches are different. Mothers seem to take a dominant role in preparing children to live within their families, present and future. Fathers seem best equipped to prepare children to function in the environment outside the family."

A noted sociologist, Dr. David Popenoe, stated, "Fathers are far more than just "second adults" in the home," Involved fathers bring positive benefits to their children that no other parent is as likely to bring. Fathers have a direct impact on the well-being of their children."

Parents who are more responsive, affactionate, and confident with their infants, more self-controlled in dealing with defiant toddlers; become better confidants for teenagers seeking advice and emotional support.

  • Children with involved fathers have better educational outcomes.
  • Fathers whoa re involved, nurturing and playful with their infants have children with higher IQ's, as well as better language and cognitive capacities.
  • Toddlers with involved fathers go on to start school with higher levels of academic readiness. Theya re more patient and can handle stress better.
  • The positive influence of a father's oinvolvement on academic achievement extends into adolescence and yung adulthood.
  • Children who have an involved father are more likely to be emotionally secure, confident, and grow better social connections with peers.
  • Children with fathers are less likely to get into trouble at home, at school, or in the neighborhood.
Children who live with their fathers are more liely to have good physical and emotional health, to achieve academically, to avoid drugs, violence, and delinquent behavior.

You can't make a strong building out of inferior materials. You cannot have strong children with the scraps of your time, energy and interest.

"No man is too rich or too poor to play with his children." Bryant S. Hinkley

"If I were asked to name the world's greatest need, I should say unhesitantly; wise mothers and exemplary fathers." David O. McKay

Be all you can be. Do not wait to be great.


  1. So, SO, SOOOOO GOOD!!!! Thanks for the reminders. People (dads) are reading. shhhh