Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bored and nothing to do

My daughter (21) is very creative and at times seems to be the person that others come to for ideas of what to do. One day as she was going to spend time with friends she suggested that they each make a list of three - five things that they could do. Then they would compare lists and choose what to do. In about an hour she came up with the following list. As you can see she came up with more than 5. She carries the list in case she needs an idea.
1. Watch a movie at home.
2. Watch a movie at the theater.
3. Go to the mall.
4. Play on a playground at a school.
5. Play mini golf.
6. Driving range for golf.
7. Play a round of golf.
8. Bowling
9. Run in circles.
10. Eat junk food.
11. Make prank phone calls.
12. Scrapbook.
13. Make cookies.
14. Make fudge.
15. Go fly a kite.
16. Visit Wal-mart.
17. Tell ghost stories.
18. Hunt ghosts.
19. Give self or others manicures and pedicures.
20. Go to a pet store and play with the animals.
21. Sit in massage chairs in Bed, Bath and Beyond or Sam's Club.
22. Go to Branson and walk around or see a show.
24. Pet a rhino.
25. Dress up like Superheros.
26. Go sky-diving
27. Watch a Sing-a-long Disney movie.
28. TP your living room.
29. Play tic-tac-toe.
30. Play truth or dare.
31. Walk to Joplin on the trails and back.
32. Make things out of clay.
33. Make claymation figures out of playdough.
34. Play in the rain (if available)
35. Go to a club.
36. Rent a movie, buy ice cream, popcorn and snuggle in blankets.
37. Look through the $5 bin of movies at Wal-mart
38. Be detectives and solve the latest crime.
39. Watch viral/funny videos on YouTube.
40. Build a tree house.
41. Put on a puppet show.
42. Make shirts.
43. Whistle showtunes.
44. Listen to books on tape.
45. Build a spaceship.
46. Build a model.
47. Gossip.
48. Lay on the ground and watch clouds
49. Write poetry.
50. Make a video.
51. Take a nap.
52. Make balloon animals.
53. Do homework
54. Look for a job - real or pretend.
55. Look at colleges and pick out fun majors.
56. Sneak into a building without being seen.
57. See how many marshmellows will fit into your mouth.
58. Play card games.
59. Play board games.
60. Draw pictures.
61. Take random pictures of random things.
62. Eat.
63. Exercise.
64. Recite Pi.
65. Read today's most popular MLIA's
66. Dance a hula.
67. Talk a friend into naming their first child after you.
68. Face paint.
69. Ride escalators.
70. Try on prom dresses.
71. Kareoke
72. Reinact Star Wars
73. See how many licks it takes to really get to the center of a tootsie roll pop.
74. Go on a hike.
75. Touch your toes.
76. Climb a tree.
77. Watch "The last Lecture" - www.youtube.com/watch?v=ji5_MqicxSo

In class we have students think of what they can use a shoe box for. Many students stop after about 10 - 15 things and they have not even started to get creative. I was once told that creativity takes getting beyond the 20 obvious solutions. We sometimes wonder why kids get bored. I think they need a list to refer to.

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