Sunday, August 8, 2010

All day Tantrum

Question:  I am looking for a cure for the all-day temper tantrum. I've done time-outs on the time-out chair and her crib, and of course, the recommended "ignoring" the fit... But really...when all day of ignoring isn't working, what do you other moms recommend? 'Cause I'm really really tired of having toys thrown at me, and whining and crying."

Answer:  Ever have a bad day but can't communicate it.  Very young children may be experiencing distress in a variety of areas.  Most times it is trial and error in finding what the problem is or how to remedy it.  Generally unless I know the child and have some history of predicting the reason I would start with a variety of things and look for the response.  Is it based on anger, tired, unmet needs, frustration, etc.

1.  Hugs and a snuggle
2.  Walk around looking at things
3.  Lay down near her and do nothing for a while

These top three are too look for reactions and if they provide a break in the action.  If the tandrum continues then.
4.  Read a book, listen to music, etc. so that you are near by but you are showing her you are occupied.

Does she seek you out for attention to her tantrum.

5.  Change of scencery - take her for a walk, change her clothes, play with a toy.  (I have actually heard of a situtation where a child threw a tantrum every time one dress was put on because it felt scrtchy but the child was too young to tell anyone).

Last resorts - Time out (with you near by but not paying attention to the child)


  1. Interesting, as always! Who would have thought a scrtchy dress would make someone throw a tantrum. It's all about communication, isn't it?

    Thanks again. Jane