Thursday, September 10, 2009

Child safety

Situation 3: My two year old runs away at Wal-mart.

Answer: Safety is the issue here. If a child won’t stay by you then he/she stays in the cart. But that also means you have to not only take the cart with you as you shop, but you need to stay in the back of it and not wander off from it. Many adults use their shopping cart like a base from which they walk away and come back with “treasures” or at least that is what it looks like to a toddler. The adventure to them is leaving base and coming back. Set limits for your child and give them a job to do. Have them help finding items. Talk with them while you shop. It is interesting how many people take their children shopping, but never actually say anything to the child. Boring! I have seen people talking non-stop to someone on their cell phone but ignore the child right in front of them that is trying to get their attention. Also do not trust your child to be down on the floor if you have any concerns about them disappearing, breaking things, knocking things over, etc. Also do not go shopping when your child is hungry or tired.

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  1. Thank you, Dr. D,

    Very insightful! I would ask for permission to start over and maybe do it right, but I am NOT a glutton for punishment!!!

    You are "Spot On"!!!

    love, J